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Jacqueline M. Chen

Jacqueline M. Chen

My research examines how racial and cultural group memberships influence the various stages of interaction, from categorization to impression formation to social support. For example, in ongoing research, I investigate the cultural, dispositional, and situational factors that influence perceivers' racial categorization of multiracial persons. My research seeks to facilitate intergroup understanding and promote positive intergroup relations.

Primary Interests:

  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Interpersonal Processes
  • Person Perception
  • Prejudice and Stereotyping
  • Social Cognition

Journal Articles:

  • Chen, J. M., & Hamilton, D. L. (2012). Natural ambiguities: Racial categorization of multiracial people. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48(1), 152-164.
  • Chen, J. M., Kim, H. S., Mojaverian, T., & Morling, B. (2012). Culture and social support provision: Who gives what and why. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38(1), 3-13.
  • Chen, J.M., Moons, W.G., Gaither, S.E., Hamilton, D.L., & Sherman, J.W. (in press). Motivation to control prejudice predicts categorization of multiracials. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
  • Hamilton, D. L., Way, N., & Chen, J. M. (2009). Understanding complexities of inferences. Psychological Inquiry, 20, 53-57.

Other Publications:

  • Chen, J. M., & Hamilton, D. L. (2009). Illusory correlation. In the Encyclopedia of group processes and intergroup relations. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication.
  • Hamilton, D. L., Chen, J. M., & Way, N. (2011). Dynamic aspects of entitativity: From group perception to social interaction. In R. M. Kramer, G. Leonardelli, & R. Livingston (Eds.), Social cognition, social identity, and intergroup Relations: A festschrift in honor of Marilynn B. Brewer (pp. 27-52). New York: Psychology Press.
  • Hamilton, D. L., Ko, D. M., Chen, J. M. (2011). On-line formation of group impressions: Spontaneous trait inferences about groups. In M. Cadinu, S. Galdi, & A. Maass (Eds.), Social perception, cognition and language in honor of Arcuri (pp. 139-150). Padova, Italy: University of Padova.

Jacqueline M. Chen
Department of Psychology & Social Behavior
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, California 92617
United States

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